Pseudoscience, Reasoning, and Other Topics

The table below includes descriptions of, and links to, notes regarding pseudoscience, reasoning, inference, belief, knowledge, and other topics.

Documents Available as of April 10, 1999
TitleDescriptionSizeLink to
Perpetual MotionNotes from a physics class about ideas that go on, and go on, and go on... 105Kperpetualmotion.htm
The 31 EvilsComments on enviro-activism and enviro-books.32K31evils.htm
Reasoning & ArgumentNotes from a class in probability and statistics concerning reasoning. This is many documents linked together.-NA-Reason.htm
Greenhouse EarthAn irreverent view of global warming and a separate link to some updated ideas.105KGreen House.htm
Zen and Oil ExplorationAmong the examples from the reasoning and argument project. This is an example of an inadequate model.12KZen.htm
Circular ArgumentThree examples of circular reasoning. A document produced for the reasoning and argument project. With figures.68KCircular.htm

1Two well known classes of machines, and two others besides.

2Comments prompted by having too much time on my hands one very cold autumn.
3A probability and statistics course that included a little application in straight thinking.
4An updated version of an invited lecture for Phi Theta Kappa honor society, February 29, 1996
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