The table below includes descriptions of, and links to, all recent projects. These are PDF documents that require the Adobe ® Acrobat ® Reader.

Projects Available as of March 28, 1999
ProjectDescriptionSizeLink to
Hurricanes Hit PortlandAn eye does not a hurricane make.100KStorm.pdf
T-D Curves and ClimateHow much information about past climate is found in borehole logs79Kt-d.pdf
Rainbow on a spreadsheetAn unusual explanation of the rainbow105Krainbow.pdf
Temperatures in glaciers IThe steady temperature in a glacier15Kglacier1.pdf
Temperatures in glaciers IIWhy past temperature is preserved in a glacier12Kglacier2.pdf
Underground Noise at Sinks CanyonDescription and spectra of natural noises from the underground river at Sinks Canyon, Wyoming120Ksinks.htm
An amateur project in spectral analysisSpectra and analysis of signals from a variety of sources.120K /wGifsamateur.htm

1A project prompted by friends wondering if windstorms like the Columbus Day storm are a type of hurricane.
3Part I of a two part project. The sequel arrives in summer 1999.

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