The table below includes descriptions of, and links to, files of 'C' source code for a variety of purposes. I placed this on-line mainly to support the Amateur Science Project

Programs Available as of April 24, 1999
ProgamDescriptionSizeLink to
Spectral AnalysisAn archive of source code and a couple of demonstration exectuatable tasks to help analyze spectra. With
Programs for 2-D data analysisExecutable tasks and a tutorial for gridding, contouring, trend surfaces, and
Source code for contouringC source code for making a file of vector commands to draw contours. These are the guts of the program cm.exe in without the shell. It is run from the command
Source code for griddingC source code for gridding routine minq.exe in These are the guts of the program without the shell. It is run from the command

1Executables are 16-bit codes which will run at a DOS prompt on Microsoft NT or Windows. Source code in 'C'
2Executables only. All 16-bit programs with menu shells.
3Source code of the guts of contouring and gridding. There is no source for the shells. These codes will build command line tasks, or can be incorporated into other programs easily.

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