Atmospheric LightHigh VoltageWeather
A Halo ComplexLightning A wild night at Crown PointMushroom Cloud What causes this strange shape? Click on the image to find out.
Geyserbow! A rainbow in the mist of man-made geysers at Beowawe, NV A Laser Fred Heil, Jim Smyth and crew built it in my physics class. Downburst The winds ahead of this squall damaged irrigation systems and buildings in eastern Wyoming.
Mirage Click on the graphic to see a much larger photo of this strange mirage of the Colorado front range taken from 130 miles northeast. A View from My Deck Mt. Hood with cap cloud (Alto Cumulus Lenticularus) Tornado Link to the tiny tornado web page at LCCC. More on this later in 1999
Aren't mirages hard too see? They are always so small and near the horizon.
Rupert's Drops Read how Henry Derr and I made these A Mystery What has happened to this ice tea? Train on Albin Hill Retrieve a paper showing a sound spectrum as this noisy thing rumbled through LaGrange, WY.

All photographs except the geyser at Beowawe, NV are Copyright © Kevin T. Kilty, All Rights Reserved. The Beowawe geyser photo is courtesy of Mr. Arthur L. Lange.

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